Professional Landscape Services
Williams Lake British Columbia

Tired of tracking dirt and mud into your home?

Spring is such a wonderful time of year, when that stubborn snow finally decides to go away for good. The transition between winter and spring can get messy, let us help you keep the mess out of your home by making a beautiful walkway to your front door or a patio out back.

Build a walkway or patio that lasts

By knowing how to properly slope and compact our base materials we can build a long lasting weed free walkway or patio that will keep your home much cleaner during those muddy Cariboo springs. In the winter months you will also benefit from plowing on an even surface eliminating damage to your your lawn and yard.

Make your front and back yard shine!

Add definition to your new walkway or patio with an elaborate floral display include solar powered lights custom paver patterns or keep it simple by outlining the perimeter with basic edging. This is where you step in and get to be as creative as you'd like.

Make the right choice

By chosing us you can rest assured you will be getting a high quality finished product that will hold up to the harsh environmental elements of the Cariboo.

  We use only quality materials
  Customize any project to suit your needs
  Aesthetically beautiful and functional
  Long lasting
  Minimal yearly maintenance